Random thought of the day

I have many random thoughts throughout the day that puzzle me and I often never know or find out the answers. So I thought for your amusement as to the weird and wonderful way my mind works I would include them below:

Can animals be Homosexual? I always used to wonder this, as I sat up on the top of the hill at smoko time, during docking season. I asked my father once but he just looked at me with a sideways glance and eyes rolling into the back of his head, in a oh my gosh not again look. I mean people pay huge money for stud animals, I was thinking Bulls and Rams in particular. After all that money is forked over what happens if that Bull or Ram simply doesn't swing that way.......... After all, Bulls and Rams pretty much only have one purpose. It would be a tiresome life if that was your job and you just weren't that into it.

Do modern Cold and Flu medicines simply enable us to better spread our germs making more people sick? In the old days if you were knocked out with a flu you would stay home to get over it, thus without knowing it putting yourself in a self quarantine. Bring on cold and flu medicines, which enable you to go into work. Although the medicines do reduce the coughing and sneezing you invariably still spread germs around. Making other workmates sick which make their families sick etc etc etc.

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