Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Starting a Diary

I decided that I would start a diary, sorry to disappoint but it wont be on here.  I don't think you actually need to know how many loads of washing I did and if the kids took a poop or not.  I randomly decided to write a diary yesterday after I found an old book that I used to write poetry in.  Suffice to say there is plenty of room as I only used two pages with my creative writing.

Where did this idea come from?  Sorry it wasn't in a bid to record my oh so exciting, jet setting lifestyle.  No, while I was at my parents place my mum pulled out and old diary she had written when I was young.  It wasn't feelings and grumps and fluffy dreams, it was what had happened in that day, what the weather was like, what us kids were doing, what happened on the farm, meetings etc.  I realised that it was actually quite useful, not only was it an interesting read 20 years later (yes I am that old and I was no baby when she wrote the diary either) it was a reference to things we often forget.  Like where did I buy those nice socks from.  When did I get my last haircut, what were the kids doing at this age etc etc etc.

As much as I love the Internet and blogging etc, I LOVE PEN AND PAPER.  I write lists on paper, write notes on paper, read paper books, I just like paper.  So yesterday I started recording what I had done, how the kids were, that we went to the docs and what we had for dinner, or in yesterday's case what we didn't have (vegies).  In doing so, I realised I actually do a hell of a lot so this could also prove as a great way of showing other people in this house that I don't sit on my bottom playing on the Internet watching cartoons all day. Oops had better finish this and get back "doing things".

Not sure if this will last, I mean like learning Hindi it may be forgotten but I will try, I wont panic if I miss a day.  It isn't supposed to be a chore but an unwinding time.

Happy writing people.....

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  1. Good for you.
    If it starts to get a bit of a struggle, may I suggest instead of dropping it altogether you consider doing a One Sentence Journal.
    Here are a couple of links to posts about this from The Happiness Project (one of my favourite blogs).

    A New, Quick, Easy Way to Keep A Non-Journal

    Why I started keeping a daily one-sentence journal


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