Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The bread making continues.....

Who would have thought that after a few months I would still be making bread on a 2 day basis.  NOT ME.  Granted we have had a bit of brought bread (still haven't used a whole loaf of brought bread since starting the challenge, it sits in the freezer for emergencies).

I went away with the kids for a week and hubby was disturbed to find there was no homemade bread left for him, so he had a piece of brought bread only to find the taste so horrific that he called me to find out how to make bread himself.  I hate to say it but he did a dam good job, so good it made me try harder.  We now have two lovely puffy loafs of bread made every second day.  Just to give you a giggle each bread tray has two little balls of dough in them so when the bread rises it looks like someones bottom bursting out from under the teatowel.  If nothing else it makes me smile.

Today after trying to find snacks for the kids in a house with not to much food left in it (grocery day tomorrow), I stumbled across an idea.........BREAD STICKS  so after baking my two loafs I used the last bit to make thin little bread sticks.  I cooked them for the same time as the other bread (30mins) so when they were finished they were crusty sticks and the kids loved them.  BRILLIANT healthy snack number 1 that kids love.  I think I got the idea as I was tempted to make pretzels but couldn't be bothered.  So now I am on the lookout for other bread related ideas..... 

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