Monday, April 4, 2011

My bread making milestone nearly reached

Tomorrow is the day.... One month since I started out on my bread making mission.  I can confirm that I have yet to use brought bread and I have enough bread in the bread container to make it through tomorrow.  I am currently patting myself on the back Whoop Whoop.  Sorry little bit excited here, not often I follow through on something.  Thank you blogging world for pressuring me into finishing, the fear of posting my failure up here helped me make it through those difficult times.  I know I sound like I have conquered a nation or something but no, I just made bread for our family for one month.

Although it has been hugely satisfying, at times it hasn't been easy.  There have been a few evenings when I have noticed my husband having unauthorised  bread (aka I didn't realise he was going to have a sami at night time and I only had just enough bread for breakie).  So I have had to start mixing and kneading away, letting the bread rise overnight to cook in the morning.  Although I did notice my lovely husband did co-operate after all and didn't have toast for breakfast.

Then there was the special Cat Bread.  No special recipe there, just that I leave the bread in the bedroom to puff up, as the sun shines into that room making it lovely and toasty and great for expanding bread.  Thankfully it always has a clean tea towel over it, as I went to check on it and found the cat sitting next to my rising dough.  After hissing the cat away I noticed that each loaf had a lovely cat foot indentation in the top of it.  COME ON CAT YOU DIDN'T NEED TO STAND ON BOTH LOAVES!

Are you going to continue in your bread making adventure you ask?  Well yes I think I will.  Apart from the fact that we all love it, I am actually enjoying the process.  Not sure how easy it will be in the winter the the house all cold.  Might just have to invite the dough into the lounge where we are to stay nice and warm.  Then finish proofing it in the oven.

i am still determined to conquer Sour Dough Bread, I have another batch festering away now, although I admit I did forget to feed it yesterday.  But on the bright side I remembered to feed the kids so all is good, rather the Sour Dough starve than my kids.

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