Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zuchinni, Zuchinni, Zuchinni and more dammed Zuchinni's

This year has been a brilliant year for the garden and Hubby has worked extremely hard growing plants from seed, watering them, weeding them, putting compost on them and generally telling me of for trying to kill them.  All this hard work means that our Zucchini plant or should I say PLANTS, are producing big time. 

To start with I thought he had planted three plants and even then I sighed to myself wondering what i was going to do with all those Zucchini's.  Well I just discovered it isn't three plants but more like ah FIVE, yes five.  We have found in the past that one plant does us fine producing a Zucchini every second day, which to be honest was all i could handle as I never really liked them.  These days I have 2 giant bulbus Zucchini's every day.

We are at the point where Hubby doesn't have to ask if there is Zucchini in dinner, he just instinctively knows.  Its sort of like Forrest Gumps shrimps.  We have grilled Zucchini, roasted Zucchini, boiled Zucchini, stir fry Zucchini, BBQ Zucchini, Zucchini muffins, Zucchini in spag bol, Zucchini in rice, Zucchini in mince burgers Zucchini in EVERYTHING.

It is only since I have started to be very creative with Zucchini that I have really started to like it.  I hate normal plain Zucchini, but when I sneak it in things I love it.  I mean I just popped it in my spicy rice.  My favorite so far has been my Zucchini and Cheese Muffins.  For this I just modified a Edmond's Cook book recipe.

Zucchini and Cheese Muffins.
1/2 cup cheese
1 cup Zucchini (if possible sprinkle with salt and leave to extract juice otherwise put it in a clean tea towel and squeeze the crap out of it water should come out)
2 tablespoons of sweet Thai chili or other favorite flavour
add 2 cups of sifted flour
4 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
Mix again
Quickly add
1 beaten egg
50g butter melted
1/2 cup milk
Mix together
Put into muffin trays and cook at 200 degrees C for 15mins or until golden.

Oh and my Sister-in-law made a tasty chocolate cake with Zucchini in it.  you have no idea it is in there but it keeps it nice and moist.  Here is the link

Happy Zucchining, may the Zucchini be with you

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rant of the day - Whitcoulls book pricing

I was in central Wellington today, not a common occurance in my world as I don't really like it.  I had an appointment but also wanted to look for a certain book or set of books for my daughter.  They are Dora reading books that come in levels and encourage word recognition etc.  They are only thin books of about 10 pages each, I have seen them in Palmerston North for $4.50 each.  Well today I went to two city Whitcoulls, to find that the same books were $8.99 in one shop and $10.99 in another.  HELLO they are only 10 pages long and of average paper stock etc.  How can they justify the price tag of $10.99.  Esspecially when at the Whitcoulls online store you can get a 12 pack of these books for just $23 dollars.

If you are wondering the reason I was looking in the shops is that I haven't seen many and I want to see what they are like before ordering them online, plus if they were as cheap or close I would have brought them instore.  I couldn't believe the difference in pricing.  Its like someone just randomly popped a price into the pricey thing and stamped it on.  Suffice to say at the most expensive shop I did say out loud "Holy Crapiola that's expensive".  There were 4 staff members in close proximity and not one blinked a lash at that.  I think they hear that quite a lot.
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