Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have just finished a great book...

And to be honest I feel totally lost.  I am the type of person that really gets into a book.  I get attached to the characters and feel like I actually know them.  I can visualise the scenery and can picture the character walking down that street.  So when I finish a book, especially a really good one, I miss it.  I miss racing down to my bedroom to sneak a few seconds, of quiet time, with the people I feel like I know and the place that I have been enchanted by.  I suppose at this point I should tell you the name of the book so you can be equally enchanted.  It is written by Rosie Thomas and called Iris and Ruby.  Set in Cairo both in the second world war and today.  It is a moving story of mothers daughters  and the power of memory.

I often get attached to Characters and places in books.  I remember when I read Gone with the Wind, it is probably the longest book I have ever read so I was quite proud of myself.  It took so long to read I got super attached to Scarlett.  When I finally got to the last page and read "Frankly my dear I don't give a dam" I actually said out loud (in public) "What the?"  I don't care if he doesn't give a dame I give a freakin dam where is the rest of my book and what happens to everyone.  I know that it was probably a brilliant ending that was world renowned, but i felt cheated.  I had just spent a VERY long time reading this book and all of a sudden it was cut short without my happy ending (yes I like happy endings).  I have however heard that there is another book simply called Scarlett probably written for all the people like me who felt totally ripped off.  In saying that I totally loved the book, descriptions and characters.

I often wonder if everyone gets an attachment to the books they read and if they see the book through their own eyes.  That is why I think that books are so much better than movies.  Your imagination creates your very own individual book.  No matter how many other people read that book they will never come out with the same story that you did.
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