Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cat pee Christmas tree, the saga continues

Well the cat pee Christmas tree saga continues. After days of sitting next to the said Christmas tree and thinking "I am sure I can smell a whoof of cat pee, stupid freakin Christmas tree (add more expletives here)". I decided I had to do something about it or I was going to throw the tree in the rubbish bin, which in itself would be difficult considering the size of the tree vs the size of our rubbish bin.

So on a beautiful sunny Monday afternoon my daughter and I got a giant bin of soapy, disinfected, lavender smelling hot water and started to submerge the separate chunks of Christmas tree in it. Shaking it around trying to rid that evil tree of its stinky odour. Now this took approximately an hour to do, due to the tree being made up of approximately 50 branches. I then laid the branches out on the concrete patio to dry.

Later submerging the Christmas decorations, I know what you are thinking, "really could those pretty glittery decorations sourced directly from the posh Wharehouse chain of stores, survive a dunking in soapy water." Well to put your mind at ease, apparently they can survive two dunking's a bit of a swirl and even being blown across the patio numerous times before being captured and placed in a metal bowl.

So after 2 hours of drying time, I ventured outside and smelt a few branches to be satisfied the stench had gone. I brought a whole bunch back inside and started to assemble the "pain in the butt Christmas tree of the year." After two rows had been put together I noticed a familiar stench entering my delicate nostrils, it was CAT PEE!!!! Seems the first wash had worked on some branches but not all. GRRRRrrr (actual noise uttered).

Out went all the branches (some thrown, some hiffed against the concrete patio), by this time it was getting late and I should have been cooking dinner. But I thought if I didn't try washing it again now then the tree was a gonner. So I started the process all over again, finishing in 30mins due to having quite a skill set in washing Christmas trees by this point.

Only this time I seemed to have an audience of builders, that were working in the section above us (so they had the perfect view). I am pretty sure they thought I had lost my marbles and would have gone home to their partners/wives and said "Oh my god do you know what we saw today...." I really wanted to yell up to them, "THE CAT PEED ON MY TREE" but was worried that it would just make me sound even crazier, so I kept my thoughts to myself and laughed on the inside (again laughing out loud probably wouldn't have given the best impression either).

The result of my crazy Christmas tree washing seems to be a success, it hardly smells now and I think what I am smelling now is a touch of paranoia. I have also moved the Christmas tree to the other side of the room, so that I am no longer sitting two inches away from the tree. So now my little 10month old is having a blast pulling off a decoration having an intense look at it then tasting it and leaving it on the ground to go after the next decoration. Quite the contrast to my destructor daughter at the same age. She didn't bother looking at the Christmas decorations, she just yanked off as many decorations as she could reach in as shortest time as possible, trying if possible to pull the tree over while she was doing it.

So in conclusion, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a cat pee free Christmas tree.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tis the season to smell cat pee

I would like to formally thank the neighbours cats for giving me another smell to associate with Christmas. I can now add the lovely aroma of cat pee to the smell of pine, candles, roast turkey and copious amounts of chocolate.

We had an issue a while ago where the neighbours giant fat tom cat was getting into our garage and peeing on EVERYTHING. Now we keep the cat door locked and our only remaining cat left stays inside, so the cat pee has stopped. Alas I pulled out the Christmas tree this morning (I know I am a month early but bribing my daughter to forget a present I brought in her company yesterday) anyway the Christmas tree and decorations STINK. Nothing like a cat pee Christmas tree, tis the season after all.

I have sprayed it with Oust, sprinkled it in Baking Soda (quite clever as it looks like snow) and now have it sitting outside in the wind trying to rid id of that horrible smell. In desperation and after googling it I then sprayed the entire tree with vinegar and water, as you can imagine there was a bit of fizzing with the baking soda but its all good. I now have an overwhelming smell of vinegar, but that is actually preferable to cat pee.

I have a spot all picked out for the Christmas Tree, on top of the big thick coffee table, out of reach of my little man. Problem is that is right next to Hubby's and my chair mmmmm not sure I am looking forward to a month of cat pee smell while watching TV. I hope the smell disappears.

My daughter has been decorating the tree for the last 30mins, so now it is really well decorated. The decorations are thick and fast in a 30cm band around the middle of the Christmas tree, nothing above and nothing below. Now I just have to decide if I leave this new fandangle styled tree like it is or fix up the decorations once she goes to bed. I tend to be a bit of a decoration freak and have to make sure everything is balanced and equal space apart. Maybe now is my chance to get over this............ahhhhh no me thinks I will just sit there every night for the next month or so clenching my fists thinking ahhhhh need to move decorations need to move decorations.

Good news is that the smell seems to have gone a bit, either that or I have gotten used to it. The true test is when we have visitors if they look like little bunny rabbits sniffing away then I have not got rid of the smell.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gone but hopefully not forgotten

OK I have been missing in action, lost to the blogging world. My brilliant thoughts have been rattling around in my head all alone (laughs). My ability to stick to things has faltered yet again, although my house is at this current moment clean and tidy. There have been multiple times where I have taken the recycling out to the curb in my PJ's. A few times where the clean washing was piled up so high on the bed that it was just about easier to sleep in the spare room. I have failed to put makeup on and have managed to find some manky old track pants to wear around home.  But if nothing else the kids and I have been having fun, creating cardboard cars, making playdough and playing in the park.

I hereby state that I will no longer let my thoughts rattle around in my head all alone and forlorn........... I will try and force others to read them as well. Good night and happy blogging.
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