Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Green Nappy

When I say my green nappy, I don't mean my little man had kiwifruit yesterday and I am paying for it today. What I am talking about are keeping it green with environmental re-useable nappies. I am so old school in the fact that I LOVE my re-useable nappies. Or am I super modern? As these things are coming back into fashion. Either way I love using them, I love the feeling I get when I pass by the nappies in the supermarket and don't have to buy any. I love seeing those colourful little nappies all lined up on the line. I love that my rubbish bin is empty of disposable nappies. I love seeing that puffy little bum that reusable's create. Although I love using reusable's I realise that it is not everyone's thing, and I really don't judge or care if others don't use them. Whatever works for you I say.

What brought this on? Well my little boy is no longer little and has outgrown his Nappy Days Bamboo nappies (small size). Yes I now realise I should have brought the nappies that fit from birth to potty. Anyway he has outgrown them and it is time to sell them. I shouldn't be sad, but I love them, they have been so brilliant. They never leaked, when I had trouble with disposable nappies at the beginning my lovely little reusable's kept it all in. I even loved them when I went out. I just wished I had had them for my daughter as well. They are all pretty colours, I did wonder why when, the colourful part is on the inside, but I think it is for the mum. When I put those nappies on the line, oh it makes me happy to see those pretty colours all lined up.

So my little man is in some giant nappies now, bland old white ones, but they are still very good. A mixture of bamboo ones and flexitots again from Nappy days. I also have a pocket nappy. The covers I use are actually ecobots system and are really good as double gusseted. I seem to have an obsession with reusable nappies and want to keep on buying them. But I really don't need anymore so must control my urges. It is going to be really hard, I might have to start a 12 step program.

Another thing I use are cloth wipes. They are soooooo easy, you can sew them yourself if you want and they get poop off so much quicker than disposable wipes. They are so easy to wash and bubba really couldn't care less what I use on his bum. I also found these cool waterproof bags on trade me that have funky patterns on the outside. These can be used to put clean wet material clothes in it for the car etc. Also for dirty nappies, dirty cloths. Personally I want lots of those bags, but due to being on a budget I will just stick with the one.

I came across this site that has lots of information about reusable's
There are so many good options out there. What I love even more is that a lot of sites have information on how to make your own nappies and that is super super cool (pity I don't own those skills).

Anyway I will leave you with these thoughts and may I also say I LOVE TO REUSE! Yeah to going old-school.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

May the power be with you.

Well, after another massive power bill and the fact that it isn't getting any warmer around here, we are enforcing a power budget. Anyone who knows me will laugh at that, thinking I am normally on a budget anyway. Yes I know, but as time goes by I seem to slack up, and after watching old re-runs of environmental programs on TV I decided to kick our house back into shape.

I refuse to let us be cold, as that is how we seem to get sick. So we heat the room that we are in and only that room. Luckily thanks to my wonderful husband he had the forethought to get heat pumps put in the lounge and our bedroom ready for this winter. We already had a large heat pump in the main living area, but that is in the open living area. It has to heat the entire hallway, any rooms that are open and deal with the cold air coming up the staircase from the garage. So after spending last winter cold and still paying a massive power bill Hubby decided to take action. So we now heat the lounge (door closed) and the kids bedrooms when they are sleeping.

The following rules are ones I put in place mainly for me, as I am home all day so I am the one using the majority of the power, apart from those that I like to call the excessive shower-ers.

  • 5min showers, I am even buying shower timers for this, as the people in this house are notorious for having 20-30min showers and it drives me nuts. I haven't gone with the hard core turn off the shower after 5 min timers.  But just a crappy little one from Trademe. Although I have warned people that I will be randomly standing outside the door timing them to make sure they stick to the 5mins (meanie much).
  • I will only do one load of washing a day. Seems simple but with 2 kids and a hubby that works out a lot, it could become difficult. The thinking on this one is that I maximise the washing machine space and put no half washes through. I have put lots of plastic bins next to the washing machine so I can sort washing as I take it down there. Thus only washing the clothes in the bin that is full each day.
  • I will hang my washing outside or in the garage where possible, and any that needs to be dried quickly can be put in the drying cupboard (I haven't used the dryer in years, still not sure why someone as cheap as me has one). The drying cupboard is the special place I invented thanks to my mums idea. The spare room cupboard has now been converted to a drying cupboard with a dehumidifier in it. Rather than drying the clothes in the spare room dehumidifying the entire room. I am just dehumidifying the small space of the cupboard instead. Plus it comes with handy clothes hangers and a shelf. My mum has a special drying cupboard they got built into their new house, it has an air-conditioning duct in there. It is the most fantastic thing ever.
  • I will only use the dishwasher once a day. I tend to fill it up and when I have to wash baby's bottles I fill the sink up as I normally would, clean the bottles then do the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher, thus using the water I already had in the sink anyway.
  • Lights off when not in a room is normal for us.
  • Unplug any appliances not being used (apart from the TV, hard drive, surround sound as I refuse to reprogram the time every day). I told our house guest that I will check in his room as he constantly leaves his cell phone charger plugged in and on with no cell phone attached to it.
  • If I have the oven on (which I don't much as I use the crock pot most of the time) then I might as well make a cake or cupcakes as well..... I know that isn't saving power if I wasn't going to cook the cake anyway but my tummy gets happy from this.

Hoping this next power bill will be better, but due to the fact we decided this half way through the month, I don't see it being brilliant. Next month should be great as we are away for some of it. I have to say that I am not looking forward to the GST increase on power.  That is going to be a giant increase and a great incentive to cut back on the power.  Good luck and may the power be with you.......
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