Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pay it forward in kindness

There are either those who give, and expect nothing in return or those who just take. I try and surround myself with those who give, and not because I want things, but because I don't like to feel like I am being taken advantage of.

I know some amazing people, who would do anything for you. To me those people stand out from the crowd, its like they glow. They are always the first to offer help, no matter what is happening in their own lives. They care how you are and how you are dealing with things, even if they hardly know you. Yet these people don't expect anything in return and they never ask you for anything.

Its sad that there are people out there that are happy to take other peoples time and energy but are very reluctant to give anything back or to help those in need. These people are few and far between, well in my life they are anyway, as I make it a point not to include them in my life as they tend to suck you dry and make you feel worthless.

When I give or do something for someone, I never want anything in return. All I ask is that, the person I help is willing to help others when they see a need. A sort of pay it forward situation.

Realistically its as my mum always taught me "do unto others as you want them to do unto you".

I remember when I used to catch the bus to work, I was standing at the bus stop when the bus arrived. A guy standing there realised he didn't have enough money. Being that this was the stop by my house and that I see this guy every morning, I really didn't have a problem handing him the $1.50 for the bus fare. (Please note the 5 other people at the bus stop apparently didn't feel the same as me). He, on the other hand couldn't believe it and was determined to pay me back. I nearly laughed at him and said no really don't worry about. When he wouldn't shut up and kept on pestering me, I simply told him that all I wanted was for him to help someone else when they were in need. Now who knows if he ever did, but he seemed like the type that really appreciated that tiny piece of kindness. So I like to think that he did a good turn for someone else in need at some point.

So the message for today is: Treat others how you want to be treated. Get to know your neighbours. Help those in need and simply try and be a good person as this world is a much nicer place when their are kind caring people around you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is in a personality

I am fascinated to see my children grow and develop. To see their personalities being expressed through everyday activities. When they were born, it was fascinating to see what they would look like, and where they got their looks from. Now I am more fascinated with who my children are becoming and what their little personalities are going to be like.

Well it seems my older daughter is a little nutter. Hard not to be when you have two nutters as parents, that trait cannot be blamed on just me. She amazes me on a daily basis and is constantly making me laugh. She is a little performer, always signing and dancing for us, with the big finish and everything. Demanding that we clap at the end of her performance.

She is stubborn, hands and the hips stubborn, but again that is a trait shared by both her parents. The attention span I have to say she got from her mother. She has the attention span of a fish, approximately 7 seconds and you have lost her. I am hoping it is because she is two. Or if she does have my attention span then maybe she can learn from her dad. He seems to have an eternal attention span, he will stick to an activity until he has finished, no matter how long it takes (hours, days). Personally it irks me that he can stick to something for quite so long, when I gave up 4 hours ago and have done 15 things since.

The thing that has surprised me about my daughter is her love of being around other kids. I always knew that she liked other little kids but until taking her to activities on a regular basis I had no idea how much. When you are around your child all the time you forget that there are other little personalities out there that are so different from your own child's. Whenever she is at kindy gym or music class she will seek out another little girl (sorry boys but you will have to wait for her attention) and tries to sing and dance with them. Only on more than one occasion the other kids are freaked out by her hugging and kissing.

Alas we went to playcentre today for the first time. It was wonderful to see another little girl there just like my daughter. Friendly, kind, caring and pretty outgoing. They hit it off to start with and by the end of class they both running around in their fairy costumes holding hands and playing hide and seek with the boys.

My daughter has surprised me with how loving and caring she is with her brother. I was never really worried about her being mean or anything but she is just wonderful. No matter how much of a paddy she is packing, if her brother cries she will stop and go up to him and say "you OK baby, its alright I'm here". She always wants "baby hugs" and tells him how much she loves him. If she hurts herself or is upset she cries "I want baby hugs". I can't wait till he is big enough to play with her more as she will just love it.

My little man is still quite young, at 6 months, but already he has shown himself to be a laid back happy little man. He laughs at his sister dancing for him and is constantly trying to steal the remote. I can see him being a cheeky monkey like his dad. I guess as time goes by more will be revealed.

Each day is an awesome day around my children. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday night is alright for.....

I got all excited on Saturday when I heard that the rugby was on. No I am not a rugby fan nor was I going to watch it. I was excited as it meant that Hubby was watching the rugby with friends and I could sit in the bedroom and watch whatever I wanted to on my TV. Antisocial much - mmmmmm I should probably work on that.

You see when we lived in our small little house I often watched TV upstairs in the bedroom while hubby watched it downstairs. But it didn't seem too antisocial as we still talked to each other as the house was small and the walls were like paper. But when we moved to our new house, Hubby started getting extremely lonely sitting in the lounge. Two closed doors and a long passageway between us. You see although I have direct line of site, window to window, its pretty much soundproof. So we made a rule, that unless I was coming to bed to sleep, we would sit in the lounge together. Which often means that we both compromise on what we watch and that I never get to watch dorky girly programs like, Top model or Glee. He is pretty good at compromising but even he has his limits.

So this Saturday I took my chocolate cake to my bedroom and set up camp for the evening. We are highly technical in the bedroom entertainment area. We have these advanced top of the line, crappy bunny ears. So my choices were pretty restricted. I have a fuzzy channel 1, the reception on channel 2 and 3 are actually OK. Prime is watchable if is raining and I cross my eyes slightly. Surprisingly I do get the Maori channel but only alternate days. Oh and I get Trackside which really isn't good for much as I am not a gambling girl. Although sad to say I have been known to watch those dogs go round and round and round and round the track, even if only for a few minutes.

So in the end I ended up settled for watching The Incredibles and typing away on my computer. I then turned the TV off at the end of the "kids" movie and went to sleep early. Oh the bliss of being a dork on Saturday night. Could life get much better. Yeah I know, I should probably get out more, but the fact is I really enjoy spending time by myself. Is that, so weird?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random thought of the day

I have many random thoughts throughout the day that puzzle me and I often never know or find out the answers. So I thought for your amusement as to the weird and wonderful way my mind works I would include them below:

Can animals be Homosexual? I always used to wonder this, as I sat up on the top of the hill at smoko time, during docking season. I asked my father once but he just looked at me with a sideways glance and eyes rolling into the back of his head, in a oh my gosh not again look. I mean people pay huge money for stud animals, I was thinking Bulls and Rams in particular. After all that money is forked over what happens if that Bull or Ram simply doesn't swing that way.......... After all, Bulls and Rams pretty much only have one purpose. It would be a tiresome life if that was your job and you just weren't that into it.

Do modern Cold and Flu medicines simply enable us to better spread our germs making more people sick? In the old days if you were knocked out with a flu you would stay home to get over it, thus without knowing it putting yourself in a self quarantine. Bring on cold and flu medicines, which enable you to go into work. Although the medicines do reduce the coughing and sneezing you invariably still spread germs around. Making other workmates sick which make their families sick etc etc etc.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Who knew that my computer was the one sucking the life blood from me. OK I don't need to be that dramatic, really it's only stifling my creativity, draining my motivation and making me totally uninspired. Don't get me wrong, I love my computer and think I would find it hard to live without it and wireless. Yet when I am sitting at the computer all day, I seem to get writers block, artist block and cleaning block (OK that last one is just my laziness kicking in). Its amazing how you can wile away the hours sitting at the computer doing relatively nothing.

As soon as I physically separate myself from my computer, my mind starts working again. The cogs start turning, smoke starts coming out my ears and my brain kicks into gear. Even the simplest task of having a shower got me thinking about pictures to paint.

You see, inspiration has always been the sticking point for me. I have the motivation to paint if I have an idea for a composition. I have the motivation to write if I have an idea what to write about. But quite often I am stuck in front of my computer, eyeballs wandering from side to side, brain completely blank wondering what the hell to do next.

So I had a light blub moment: In order to write my blog or paint a picture, I need to step away from the computer. Basically I need "Computer Time Out".

So in the next few weeks one of two things may happen. I may not blog at all, or I will write totally inspired reads and post lots of pictures of my new paintings. Only time will tell.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Garden, please forgive me

I thought I would write you this letter to apologise for everything I have done to you. I have neglected you, I have cheated on you, I have put everyone else's needs before your own. I have even let your greatest enemies invade your own house.

To my garden, I am sorry, please forgive me.

I can't excuse my terrible behaviour, my reasons are weak. You stay out in the cold all of the time, yet I can't find the courage to venture out for a few minutes in order to take care of you.

Beetroots and Carrots I'm sorry, I have let you live in an overcrowded situation. I neglected to weed out the weaklings and let the strong thrive. Alas I have fixed that situation now and I hope you find your housing situation adequate .

Onions where the hell have you come from, I didn't invite you. Yes you were staying with us last year but I sent you packing and DID NOT INVITE YOU BACK. I think it is inappropriate for you to leave your children with us without asking for them to stay. Alas I have evicted the children, if you are looking for them they are now playing in the compost play pen.

I also have to apologise to you again Mr Carrot. I have cheated on you and not only the once. Due to your "Thinning out" issue not putting on the muscle I like, I had to go elsewhere. I have shopped around and I hate to admit it but I have paid for it more than once. On other occasions I picked up some for free. I am sorry and the fact that you are taking your time building muscle doesn't mean I should go elsewhere but what is a carrot lover supposed to do.

I am also sorry for spending more time on the "inside vegetables" I know I shouldn't but their crib is just so much more comfortable. I find myself hanging out there just for the fun of it, talking to tomato, pepper and lettuce. I will try and share my time my equally and not discriminate on location, as that is just inappropriate.

As to letting your enemies stay with you, I cannot apologise more to you. I could have prevented the invasion, but I just ignored them. Chinese cabbage I can see that the bugs are just eating you up. I will try my best to get the exterminator in to get rid of those. If I could figure out who was staying it would be even easier, although I do have a sneaky suspicion that it is nasty Mr Grass Grub.

As to the overgrown "weeds" they have no right to stay, I sent them an eviction notice this morning, please let me know if they pop back in. Grass is supposed to be living on the lawn, but he seems to have moved out of their due to lack of food and moved right into your little nutritious house.

So all in all I am sorry garden, I didn't mean to take you for granted. I know that without love and care from me you find it hard to survive. If I want to get anything out of our relationship I know I have to put something in. I will try my best to change and take better care of you.

With Love

Your Absent Gardener
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